Dusting off the Dirt 3

Last year, as my garden slowly feel apart (along with the greenhouse that housed it), so did my blog. I lost my motivation. As Jamie and I took apart what was left of the greenhouse (a fierce wind storm ripped it apart), I wondered what would happen to my garden next year. All winter I […]


On Finally Admitting I live in Zone 2

When Jamie and I moved back to Alberta from the lush green province of Prince Edward Island, I had just started to get the “garden bug”. Granted, the gardening I did in PEI wasn’t spectacular, as usual I let the weeds get ahead of me, but the plants I planted (trees, shrubs, and veggies) all […]

The Greenhouse has Landed!!

On Sunday my family arrived home after a fabulous week spent on the Hawaiian islands celebrating my patents 40th Wedding Anniversary. When we pulled up to the house I saw something in our front yard…. I practically squealed when I realized it was my greenhouse!! On Tuesday Jamie, Donovan and I moved it to the […]




This week it was becoming more and more obvious that some of my seedlings were going to need transplanting before my greenhouse was ready. Of course I didn’t have enough pots to actually transplant them to, so off to the store we went. The first store only had plastic pots that were big enough for […]

Love Bomb Weekend

For the past year or so, I’ve been reading a blog called “Chasing Rainbows” and often Kate will talk about taking her Children (or herself!) on a “love bomb” day. A day (or afternoon, or few hours!) where you spend one-on-one time with your child, and say “yes!” (within reason of course). A day where […]



Window Sill Garden

Shortly after I started my seeds, I was cleaning up around the house and came across two little “seeds to go” containers. When we bought our Christmas tree this year it came with a “Tree in a Can”, so that got planted first. And then yesterday, while looking for an old jar to store my […]