Monthly Archives: February 2010

Decorating – Transportation Style

After the house started to take from, it took a few months before it sunk in that we were actually going to be LIVING there. I know, might sound crazy, but it�s similar to when I was pregnant, and after giving birth, looked down and said �Oh my word, that�s a BABY!� I�m not sure […]

Catching Up and What Comes Next

I should probably take a moment for an update on what is happening around here. Otherwise you will all just look at this space, and the posts about decorating, and two year olds and scratch your heads wondering what in the world I�m talking about. First things first, because I know you are all wondering, […]

bienvenue (because welcome seemed to cliche)

Ah, well isn�t this a nice change? I feel better in this new space already. Don�t get me wrong, I loved my old blog and it was a wonderful outlet for me for many years (although you can’t find the archives there anymore, I blogged almost daily for 3 years!!). And then the earth shifted, […]