Monthly Archives: March 2010

Jackie Reads – Second Edition

After finishing the books I talked about in a post a few weeks ago, I was browsing an Oprah magazine, and saw an article for the book, �Making Toast�, as well as a couple other books. I checked on my Kindle, and since Making Toast was the only one available to download, that�s just what […]

Why I No Longer Weigh Myself

I joined a local women�s gym just over one year ago (Curves) and just this past week, I received my free t-shirt for having reached 100 work outs! It took my just under a year to reach this mark, and although I am a bit disappointed that it took that long, as I had hoped […]

Letting my Inner Geek Out

This past weekend we went up to Edmonton (about a 5 hour drive) so Jamie could box on Friday night. (side note, HE WON!) Picture credit, Guhdar Ali � photography (look him up on Facebook, he is amazing). I also look forward to going to Edmonton because there is SO much for Donovan and I […]

Jackie Reads:

My mom gave me a Kindle a couple months ago. When I first got it, to be honest, I was rather skeptical. I thought nothing could replace the feeling of a good book in my hands, I love their texture, and looking at them, and just the �feeling� they give you. But as I started […]

My Little Man

As Donovan gets older and more independent, I see less and less baby, and more and more little boy. This of course is not a bad thing; I love to see him grow and experience his world in a new way. It does however, make me stop and appreciate those quite baby-like moments that we […]