Monthly Archives: May 2010

bullet points, yes again…

Once again I find myself at the end (or start?) of another week, and not a single post written since last week at this time! I would apologize now, but frankly, it’s been crazy around here, what with the house construction coming onto the finishing stretch (2 to 3 more weeks!), and things being busy […]

the past week, in bullet points:

1 – It was ridiculously warm on Monday and Tuesday this week, like almost 30 degrees. On Tuesday, my mom promised Donovan that they would go and buy a pool the next day. We woke up Wednesday to rain, and it’s been cold and rainy ever since. Thank you May Pool Karma! Donovan wakes up […]

while i’m posting pictures

Since I’ve been a little picture crazy, I thought I would continue the trend and post some pictures from the last couple days. Some were taken out at the new house of Donovan playing in the dirt, and others were taken this morning, when Donovan, Jamie and I went for a walk in a local […]

construction: the finishing touches

The house is nearing completion! If everything stays on schedule, we should be moving in within the first two weeks of June!! Are you hearing me? That’s like 3 weeks away people!! I’m trying not to get too excited, but when I go to the house to check on the progress and see things like […]

you may have noticed a slight delay

This week, in the midst of general work, life, building a new home, craziness, Donovan had his first ever soccer game. The amazing thing about the soccer league that he is in, is that it is very parent involved. The kids never actually play a game, but what they do get, is there very own […]


I was going to write something all funny and witty (wait, are funny and witty the same thing? Or are they two similar but different things?) about how the ribs that I separated while pregnant THREE YEARS AGO, are once again separated, thanks to me sleeping funny, or perhaps laying down on the floor and […]