Monthly Archives: August 2010


Sorry for the delay in posting. Donovan and I made a video tour of the new house, and I’m having issues getting it up and posted on here! So really I’ve been spending the last three days on the blog, but with no updates to be seen!  So while I’m working on that, let’s do […]

lets talk about words

Donovan was a late talker. Not so late that it was a problem, but late enough to notice. Last year around Christmas time I said to Jamie,  “If he isn’t talking by January, I will call and get him assessed”  Of course, by January, he had started to talk, but still not at the level […]

yoga and me

Going back to work full time has required that I make a few changes in my weekly routine. The first one being, I now plan our families meals out (supper only) a week in advance! And the second, which is perhaps not quite so alarming, is that I�ve had to change my work-out routine and […]

being cold revisited

We were back at the pool today for Donovan’s last lesson of the week (he still goes next week for four more classes) and I figured out that “I’m cold” really means “I’m scared”.  The first clue for this, was that today it was 36’C outside today, so I KNOW the pool was not cold. […]

being cold

Donovan LOVES swimming. I’m not exaggerating here, he LOVES it! Most of the time we have to bribe him to get out of the pool, and on the odd chance that we let the info “slip” that we will be going to the pool on the weekend, that is ALL he will talk about every […]


I thought I should share a little bit of Donovan cuteness with you all! I present to you, Donovan singing his ABC’s!