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We opened up the Edmonton Sun newspaper on Saturday morning to see a big picture, something similar to the one below of Jamie boxing. Of all the pictures from the entire fight card, it was a picture of Jamie that made the front page of the sports section. I was VERY proud, of course I […]

weigh ins

Yesterday we drove up to Edmonton, (taking the LONG way up, which was less then enjoyable). Jamie is fighting in his first professional boxing match ever tonight! We are all trying to remain calm, get pumped up, and pretend we aren’t nervous all at the same time. It’s an interesting atmosphere here that’s for sure!  […]


Clearly I didn’t get the pictures posted, sorry about that! We got to Saskatoon, and as I settled Donovan down for a nap, after the 5 hour drive (in which he only asked to stop to go pee ONCE the entire trip, that’s ONE PEE for 5 hours of driving) he said “mommy, need go […]

road trip

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you don�t have time to go to the bathroom, let alone sit and gather your thoughts? Ya, that�s what this past week has been like for me, although I did mange to get to the toilet before we had any accidents, which is […]

hard lessons

I looked into Donovan’s eyes this morning, and I saw the big tears beginning to well up. I choked back my own tears as I reassured him that everything would be ok.  Donovan had to learn a lesson today that I had hoped would still be a few years down the road. Donovan has been […]


After moving away from PEI (to Alberta) 5 years ago (holy moly has it already been that long?) I am still amazed by the little things that will trigger me to miss it there. It’s something that most people out here do not understand, people look at me and say “But you are FROM Alberta, […]