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I always knew that my grandfather (Opa, as I’ve always called him) immigrated here with my grandmother (Oma) not long after the Second World War. I also knew that when they came over, my uncle was already born (about 1 year old) and my Oma was pregnant for my dad. After experience 9 months of […]


Sometime last week Donovan brought home a cold, something he picked up from one of the other kids at Day Home. He has of course given this cold to me, and I’ve in turn given it to Jamie. It’s not the cold so much that I mind, what I DO mind, is the migraine alternating […]

santa buy that?

As Christmas gets closer, TV commercials are filled with more and more toy�s, each one looking better then the last. Donovan, of course is not immune to the flashy toy�s on TV and isn�t yet aware of the �looks better then it really is� part of the toys, and the �does not come with all […]

colour blind

When Jamie and I are out in public with Donovan, we sometimes offer vague threats to help “influence” his behaviour. Things like, “you better not yell, that man will get mad” or “No running, he might spank your bum”.  Yes, yes, I understand that this might not be the best way to parent, but at […]

hotel…. again

We found ourselves on the road again this afternoon driving the familiar route to Calgary. Another trip, the same hotel, boxing again. This time there is no fighting, just training, and Donovan is SO happy to be back. I don’t think he really cares WHERE we go, as long as a hotel and pool are […]

rest is for the tired

Donovan and I have both been coming down with a cold lately, and he’s been SO tired. Usually Donovan is a VERY good sleeper, a go to bed a 7pm wake up at 6:30am sleeping, with a two hour nap in the afternoon sleeper. But lately, he’s been SO tired, like falling asleep on the […]