Monthly Archives: December 2010

happy new year

I hope you are all blessed with a joyful and happy New Year, and if not then at least a year that doesn’t suck! I look forward to getting back into the routine of daily life, and taking you all along with me. There are a few things I want to focus on in the New Year, […]

keep out

Last night shortly before bedtime, Donovan was running around playing rather roughly with my old memory foam pillow (Jamie got me a new one for Christmas, so Donovan has taken over the old one as a toy). Donovan’s play started to get a bit rough, so I told him “Pillows are for the bedroom, so […]


Last night as we were getting ready for bed, Donovan ran up ahead and said “No mommy wait!”  He was in his room getting undressed for his bath, and he wanted to do it “By Self”. He called he was ready, and I was coming to the top of the stairs, I was just in […]

merry christmas…

…from our family to yours  Donovan’s gift from Santa at my work Children’s Christmas Party.   Donovan receiving the quilt Auntie made for him on our family Christmas celebration.   (this last picture is Christmasy mostly just to us, we are so excited about the rink we’ve (mostly Jamie) made on the pond in our backyard, and […]

curing the christmas cold

Two nights ago Donovan woke up, and then he woke up again, and then for good measure he woke up again a few more times. What would cause my perfect angle of a son (sorry, couldn’t help myself there) who normally sleeps 12 straight hours without so much as a peep to wake up, THAT […]

dump trucks

My parents and sister are going to Arizona for the Christmas Holiday, so we celebrated with them this weekend. My sister has been working over the past year on Donovan’s gift, a dump truck and tractor themed quilt to match the “transportation” theme of his bedroom. I snapped these pictures with my phone (sorry for […]