Monthly Archives: June 2011

one more round

Way back in March I was reading over at dooce and saw this post. The first thing I did after reading that was go over to the artist’s etsy shop, at which point I saw this and the little cogs in my brain started turning. I’ve always wanted to paint a picture of Jamie boxing, but […]

what do people use ice picks for anyway?

I was woken up at 2am with a migraine last night. Well at the time I wasn’t sure if it was a migraine or if Jamie was stabbing me in the right side of my head with an ice pick, but when I further assessed the situation, it became evident that it was in fact […]

a week in the life

Jamie took Donovan for a hair cut last weekend. Of course now that he is fully in love with the salon (and who wouldn’t be, what with the free pop, free iPad use, free table hockey, and tv’s in the mirrors!) he has made friends with the ladies cutting his hair. The first time he […]

front page

I opened up etsy this afternoon to find this:  See that “tree” painting in the bottom left hand corner? Ya, that’s MY painting!!! My stomach jumped into my throat, and my heart started racing! I couldn’t believe it, I MADE THE FRONT PAGE OF ETSY!!! In etsy world, this is a big deal, and in […]

and the winner is…..

and the winner is:  Comment number 1!!! Congrats Shawna! Send me your mailing address and I will mail you a copy of Two Kisses for Maddy!!Thank you to everyone who entered and donated, if you didn’t win, go out and buy this book, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

pond stories

The pelicans have been multiplying, where once there was two, we now have seen up to seven at a time on our little pond. The fox family has moved out, which makes our daily walks to check on the happenings of the little family of eight (or more?) rather un-eventful. A robin has made it’s […]