Monthly Archives: July 2011


Yesterday I received my latest order from “my favourite clothing store” and in it came a super cute, and ridiculously comfy yoga outfit! Cropped pants and a top with a special for me, built in bra (because there is nothing worse, in my flat-chested opinion, then wearing a bra to do yoga).   I took […]

before and after

I was going through my old facebook profile pictures this weekend and came across a pretty good before and after photo. First Photo is the “before” taken at Christmas time (before I started my new getting healthy routine) and at my heaviest “non-pregnant” weight. “After” photo taken this weekend, at my pre-pregnancy weight, and in better physical […]

happy birthday indeed

I’ve never been a huge fan of my birthday. Other peoples birthdays, sure! Let me just come on over, spend hours picking out the perfect gift and shower you with attention. But my birthday? Ug, although in theory I LIKED the idea of my “special day”, in reality, it made me squeamish. Stop fussing over […]

all that playing makes you sleepy

After waiting months and months for summer to arrive, it finally happened! It went from cold and raining and sweltering over night, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been wearing dresses and skirts to work almost daily, and we’ve barbecued every night. It’s been marvellous! I even did some “outdoor” yoga one evening this week […]