Monthly Archives: August 2011

la dreaming

Our Mexican Rivera Disney Cruise is getting closer! This is big news, because we’ve been waiting for this cruise for two years now! For the past year Donovan has had the Disney Cruise information book in his bookcase, and often he will sleep with the “Mickey Mouse Club House Boat Book” under his pillow. To […]

wrapped in love

I first met Susan (@whymommy) last year in New York, where I had travelled to go to BlogHer. My friend and roommate AureliaCotta had been following Susan’s blog (Toddler Planet) for a number of years, and took the time to stop and say hi. I mostly stood in the back, and looked at Susan’s Lymphedema Bands and […]

vacation in pictures

We had an absolutely WONDERFUL time on vacation last week! Seeing the smile on Donovan’s face as he played with his cousins resulted in a smile on both Jamie and my faces for pretty much our entire time there. I thought I would share a few of my favourite pictures here.