Monthly Archives: November 2011

bon voyage

“Mommy, can I take my new waterproof mittens on the Disney Boat?” “No Donovan, you won’t need them.” “Oh. Will the boat have mittens already on there for us?” “No buddy, when we are on the boat it will be like summer! You won’t need mitts at all!” “Mommy, it’s not summer, it’s FALL! Daddy, […]

if the internet exists in heaven

Dear Opa, It’s been almost a full year since you left us, and I still have trouble getting my mind around the fact that you are gone. That November night plays in my head frequently, and I remember the last words I spoke to you, we were alone in the room, and as I held […]


“What are you doing bud?” I asked looking over at Donovan who was bending down inspecting the wheels on his bike rather closely. “Just checking for deer blood mommy” he responded casually. We were driving home last night from Donovan’s skating lessons around 6:45pm, the perfect “witching hour” when the deer are particularly “big and […]