Monthly Archives: January 2012

just write

So often I find myself coming to this place, opening the “compose” screen and finding my brain to go just as black as the screen in front of me. The mantra replaying in my head has been “just write Jackie, just write” yet no matter how many times I tell myself that, I can’t seem to make […]

chinook photography

It’s a new year (ok, it’s been a new year for 20 days now, I never said I was punctual) and I’ve set a number of new goals for myself. In November I decided that I wanted to run a marathon, and after doing some looking and some figuring, I’ve set my sights on the […]


“Mommy, what does hibernate mean? what do bugs DO when they hibernate?”  “When a bug hibernates, it goes into a very very very deep sleep, and it’s breathing slows down, really really really extra slow, and it sleeps day and night all winter.”  “But why do Lady Bugs hibernate?”  “Ok Donovan, how do we get […]