Monthly Archives: June 2012

22 hours

(I posted this on my facebook wall this morning, but felt strongly that it needed to be shared here as well). After watching along (on-line mostly) the proceedings of the House of Commons and the marathon 22hour vote, there are a few things I know for sure:  -any doubt I had about Elizabeth May is […]

from scratch

Since starting the “from scratch” series I’ve really enjoyed the motivation it’s given me to keep making more and more things from scratch at home. I think my family has enjoyed the fresh food too! I haven’t bought a loaf of bread in over a month (almost two I think!) and I even bought some […]

summer camp

Donovan’s been having some “trouble’s” at DayHome that revolve around the letter P and the Toilet (enough said), and we’ve been motivating him with earning extra privileges at home in the evenings of good days. Well Donovan has strung together three good days this week, and so we told him after supper he could watch […]