Update on the money tank…

I’d call it a “fish tank” but we all know there is more money then fish in that damn tank.

So the “tank of death” AKA Donovan’s long awaited money fish tank got some upgrades this weekend. After all original fish (with the exception of “Gold” the yellow guppie, who always looks to be on the verge of death, but always bounces back in the next day) had died, on Monday I decided that MAYBE there was something more that could be done in hopes that our fish outlive their “14 day guarantee” – a guarantee that I never cashed in on by the way, because I couldn’t swallow my pride enough to bring in the body for my exchange. Of course, up until Monday morning, it was only $2 fish I was flushing down the toilet, but when Sucker died, that was a good $10 down the drain! Something must be done!

I went to the pet store, after have had my water tested 3 times in the last two weeks and it always coming back just fine, I knew there was something I was missing. I picked up a “tropical fish tank” book, and the first thing I noticed was the temperature of the water. Apparently, keep Donovan’s room at a balmy 18’c was not warm enough for our TROPICAL fish! (Who knew??) so I purchased a heater. Next, I wasn’t convinced that the little filter we had was creating enough water movement, so an Air Pump and Bubble maker was added to my cart. And finally, a replacement “Sucker” was purchased, this time a “Clown Sucker” which only grows to 4″ long, rather than 11+” of the previous, now deceased, Sucker (rest his soul).

$70 later, I walked out of the pet store on a mission, how hard could it be to keep a 5 gallon fish tank up and running, and more importantly ALIVE after all?

I got home, and Donovan was pretty excited about the new clown sucker, but naturally couldn’t be bothered with the other stuff. He did get great enjoyment looking at the pictures in the book I brought home, and took great joy in pointing out the “dead” fish, apparently he’s developed somewhat of a knack for eyeing the dead ones.

I spent the next 20mins organizing the tank, setting up the new air pump, adding a regulator valve to said air pump when I accidentally turned the tank into a bubble bath, rather than simply adding a gentle current (you should have seen the look for shock and horror on the guppies faces when the rather violent bubbles erupted for the first time!). I set up the heater, so the fish were no longer on the verge of hypothermia, and changed a filter while I was at it.

Proud of myself, I looked around at the tank, and for Donovan, who was supposed to be “helping” me, only to find that I was in his room alone. I called down the stairs for him to come up and check what I did to his tank. “No thanks, I’d rather not” was the (at least polite) reply I got from him.

“Hmmm, so this is motherhood.” I thought. And then smiled as I remember the “simple fish pond” I convinced Dad to make in the backyard when I was eight.



I think our aquatic frog (Fred the 2nd) is loving the heat, he hasn’t stopped working on his tan beside, on top of, behind, the heater since it was plugged in. The other fish are actually SWIMMING around, rather than huddled in a corner shivering, and Clown Sucker, unlike his predecessor is not simply hiding in the bottom of the ship wreck, but swimming around, and sucking on the walls/rocks/marbles in the tank.

Of course, despite my careful shopping, I picked a heater that has “adjustable temperature gage” but you can only adjust to “more or less warm” it doesn’t show an actual temperature! So back to the pet store I go, a thermometer is required before I boil the fish!


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  • Kerrie

    Ah yes, the “simple” pleasures of a fish tank! I believe the relaxing outdoor pond at mom and didn’t house turning into Dad actually installing filters and tubing in the wall of the house for his giant salt water fish tank which must have cost thousands of dollars… But the memories and enjoyment lasted a lifetime!

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