The Greenhouse has Landed!!

On Sunday my family arrived home after a fabulous week spent on the Hawaiian islands celebrating my patents 40th Wedding Anniversary. When we pulled up to the house I saw something in our front yard…. I practically squealed when I realized it was my greenhouse!!

On Tuesday Jamie, Donovan and I moved it to the side of the house and it’s new home!


I’m so excited to have the greenhouse here! We’ve already started with a few plans to be completed before the plants move in (of course I need to wait a few more weeks for the weather to stop threatening random snowfalls before the plants move out there as well!). First up we need to level it a bit better, right now the door doesn’t latch properly, largely because it’s not levelled yet. Next up, I want to paint the particleboard floor and sides. I want this greenhouse to last me for some years and protecting the wood is a good place to start.


(The dark blue in the corner is the colour the wood will be painted).

Of course I can’t forget about the plants that will be living in the greenhouse! The plants in the house are doing way better than I had ever hoped!! And at the paint store I happened to see some wallpaper trays, which will work perfect as planters, so I picked up a few (and score! They were only $3.95 each!!).

My Rubbermaid container potatoes are doing so well I had to add another layer of dirt to help grow more potatoes and less greenery.

I’m so excited for this spring to finally, well, spring! I’ll update with photos of my plants and the progress of the greenhouse in the next days. :)

How are all of you? Have you started your plants or seedlings yet??