On Finally Admitting I live in Zone 2

When Jamie and I moved back to Alberta from the lush green province of Prince Edward Island, I had just started to get the “garden bug”. Granted, the gardening I did in PEI wasn’t spectacular, as usual I let the weeds get ahead of me, but the plants I planted (trees, shrubs, and veggies) all grew. I figured I had this gardening thing figured out.

Of course, I started my gardening in Alberta in the same way I had finished it in PEI. Planting the plants that worked for me out there, in basically the same ways I did out there. I knew that the hardiness zones of PEI and Alberta were “slightly” different, but I figured, “Eh, both are provinces in Canada, how different can they really be?” and went on my merry little way picking the same plants I had picked before.

(Side note, they are VERY different, PEI is hardiness zone 5-6, where I live in Alberta we are a zone 2-3).

I figured any minor difference in the hardiness zones could be overcome with love. (Yes, I am aware with how silly that sounds).

Finally this year, when the greenhouse became a reality, and I was sick of trees and bushes lasting a season or less, I figured I better get real with the hardiness zone I live in. I did a bit of research and found that we are in a zone 2-3, so this year when we were a the greenhouse buying our plants (lilacs! and blueberries! and a snowball tree!) I made sure they were all a zone 2 or lower. I didn’t even want to take a risk on a zone 3, because dammit, this year my plants were going to live!

It was a long road to get to this point, and it seems so silly┬áthat it took me almost 9 years to finally come to grips with the fact that I live in a semi-desert, with -40’C winters and +35’C summers, and I needed to buy plants that would survive that. I’m hoping for much better success this year in the garden!