Dusting off the Dirt

Last year, as my garden slowly feel apart (along with the greenhouse that housed it), so did my blog. I lost my motivation. As Jamie and I took apart what was left of the greenhouse (a fierce wind storm ripped it apart), I wondered what would happen to my garden next year.

All winter I thought about the greenhouse (or lack there of), and what I was going to do about a garden this year. Most people wonder why I keep trying, year after year with little success to grow a garden, and sometimes I even wonder that myself. What it always boils down to is this:

I love to garden. I love to work with my hands in the dirt. I love to teach my son where food comes from. I love to feed my family with food that we’ve grown ourselves.

About a month ago I came up with a (hopefully awesome!) solution to my garden problem. I am going to re-locate the base of my debunked greenhouse to a different side of the house (which will be the third location I’ve tried a garden in this house). I’m hoping the new location will offer the right amount of light (important), and also the right amount of wind protection (also very important when you live in an apparent wind tunnel). Next I’m going to use the base of the greenhouse as a raised bed. I am not going to bother with the “glass” outer protection of a greenhouse, because our +38’C summers make the inside of the greenhouse WAY too hot, no matter how I try to ventilate it. I’m hoping that the raised bed will help me get a good soil mix right from the start, and also be enough to keep the hungry gophers away. I will put up a “fence” around the bed if the gophers appear to be a problem. Ideally I’d like the fact that the bed is raised to be enough to keep the pests away, but I’m trying to be realistic.

I’ve started a garden “plan”.


Ordered some seeds (via West Coast Seeds).


Thanks to a friend, I have started reading “Square Foot Gardening” so my garden plan will change slightly in the coming weeks. I’ve also updated my schedule with when to start which seeds indoors and outdoors as required.


As I start this new year, I thought I should start up my blog again. I miss writing here. I’m slowing updating the “look” of the blog to fit with how I want it to feel. It’s not their yet, but I couldn’t wait to post any longer! I hope you will join me as I once again attempt to grow a successful garden.

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  • Rosalyn

    Yay! This is so exciting for me. Despite our three time zone separation, I feel like we are blogging and gardening together and, quite probably, having tea together on a regular basis. I love you! And I can’t wait to hear about your gardening adventures.

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