One of the mistakes I made when planting my garden last year, was planting all my seeds at the same time, and most of them WAY to early. It quickly became apparent that I had done this when some of the seeds started over-growing their peat pellets and taking over the tray. This of course caused me to have to transplant my seeds while still indoors. I know part of the reason my garden wasn’t as successful as it could have been last year, was because I planted everything at the same time.


The first thing I did this year after deciding what I was going to grow, was research the best time to plant the seeds that I bought. I ordered my seeds from this year, and they had a lot of helpful information on when to start seeds. (All seeds should be started relative to when the last frost date is in your area).


The day that I planned my garden space (which will change slightly to fit more in like with the Square Foot Gardening Method), I also planned when I should start the various seeds.


Yesterday at work, I flipped over my calendar to see that this weekend is the weekend to start my onion seeds! 016dea59d1e4b3ffacc4735649aecd0f445e58366f

Wait, what? Onion Seeds? Don’t they start as bulbs?? Well generally yes, but truthfully, I’ve always struggled with starting them as bulbs. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve just never had much success with onions. So this year I thought I’d try starting from seed. I still have some bulbs from last year, so I will probably add some onion bulbs to my garden as well, but I thought it wise to diversify this year.


I’ve also thought more about “planting all of my seeds at the same time” in the, if I plant all of my onions at the same time, they will all be ready at the same time. Which, as you may have guessed, I don’t have need for 15 onions all at once. So I will also stagger my planting times. Especially with the “fast growers” like radish’s and carrots.


I know a lot of what I’m saying here today is like “ya, Jackie, that is pretty painfully obvious”. But for me, well it obviously wasn’t! I’ve had a garden (off and on), for 10 years, but I’ve never had a truly SUCCESSFUL garden. The closest I came was the years I lived in town and planted beans/peas in among my flower beds. With the research I’ve done this year, I’m feeling much more prepared, and more hopeful for a successful (or at least semi-successful, ok fine, I’d settle for “not a complete disaster” this year) garden.


On the advice of my favourite gardening expert, (my friend Rosalyn), I have purchased a seed starter, rather than the peat pots, with the hope of easier/better transplanting success. Today I will fill it with dirt and get started!



Tell me about your gardens? Have any of you started seeds yet, or plan on doing so soon?

4 thoughts on “Seeds

  • Rosalyn

    I am interested to see how your onions turn out. I decided not to start root crops this year (other than a potato barrel) because of starting the lasagna gardens two seasons late, but I’d like to eventually have a large onion crop for storage purposes–I saw Emily and Amanda’s onions out drying behind their shed last summer and it was lovely. :) The nice thing about starting onions from seed is that when you thin them out, you can just use them as green onions! Also, you are a doll but I am not an expert! I just read a lot. Love you. xo

    • Jackie Post author

      That’s why I said you are “MY” expert. When compared to my (lack of) gardening skills you are amazing.

  • Tammy MacLeod

    I started gardening two years ago. The first year my poor garden did not fair out so well. So last year I composted the crap out of it (literally………..I used sheep manure) and used good topsoil as well. My garden flourished!!!!

    • Jackie Post author

      Compost is something I want to add into my garden this year! I’ve already started saving eggshells!

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