All About Them Bees

Since my last post, I’ve had a lot of fun researching bee’s. I was really hoping to find a local beekeeping class, but it doesn’t look like there is one. At least not one that I’ve found yet! There are quite a few bee hives located near to me, so I might just start knocking on doors and asking if they minded me tagging along for a hive inspection.

What I was able to find was some great books! I’ve downloaded both the Alberta Bee Act, and Alberta Bee Regulations, and read both of those documents. I also registered with the Alberta Government as a potential “one hive hobby bee location”. As with any animal that is part of the ecosystem at large, bees are regulated in Alberta, so that if there is a disease outbreak the government knows who to contact. Once approved (and as far as I’m aware, as long as you don’t have any outstanding complaints against you, or offences in the past, everyone is approved), (I guess I should clarify there, that I DO NOT have any outstanding complaints against me, haha), the government issues you a PIN number, which you must use in order to buy any bees or bee products (like medication). The government website also had some great information on bee-keeping, and even a book (which I ordered) about beekeeping in Alberta. I also contacted my local county office to find out if there are any beehive/beekeeping regulations, and there are not. :)


After some and Good Reads searching, I settled on two bee books, and ordered those as well. The Thinking Beekeeper and the Beekeepers BibleThe Backyard Beekeeper was also on my “looks like a good book” list, but it won’t ship for 2-4 months, which isn’t exactly prompt, if the other two books leave me wanting more information (which I doubt), then I will look into this one. Next up there was more googling, and blog searching. I’ve found some great bee resources on-line, and have them over on my “Links” page.


I am about 95% sure of the new location for my garden this year, but I only have a vague idea of where the bees will live. This weekend I hope to walk around the property a bit more and find a location that is both sheltered from the wind, and far enough away from the house that we won’t get swarmed. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “All About Them Bees

  • Kerrie

    Good Luck! and especially good luck with finding a place that will ensure that we don’t get swarmed! … you can be killed by a swarm of bees you know… I’m just saying! Yay! for fresh honey though and helping the ecosystem!

  • Janet Schwandt

    They sure are pretty to look from a distance, sounds like you’ll have fun with it. Good luck on your new journey.

  • Rosalyn

    You won’t get swarmed. Just don’t situate the hive entrance near a walking path, since they’re coming and going all the time! Yay! Can’t wait to hear more. And eventually borrow your books. ;)

    • Jackie Post author

      The swarm comment was mostly tongue-in-cheek ;)
      But yes I agree, not close to a walking path for sure!

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