The Plants and the Bees

I’ve been thinking a lot about my garden, and our yard and acreage in general, and what I’d like to do with it over the coming years. I know a lot of people are very much into backyard chickens, or small homestead type animals. But I know that for the lifestyle that we live (travelling and weekends away), that is just not something that is realistic for me. One thing I have been thinking of for the past couple of years though, is bees. Honey Bees.
Until recently, Jamie (and Donovan) were both very “anti-bee”, but the tide is turning, and I received the “As long as you put the hive far away from the house, and don’t make me ever help you, ever, sure, get yourself some bees.”.


So I’ve been thinking a lot about bees. I am trying to find some local resources, and researching various books and on-line forums. I love the idea of fresh honey, but I also love the idea of helping the ecosystem by propagating some local pollination via my bees. I’m not sure if I will get a hive up and running this summer, or if this will be a “next year” plan. That largely depends on how successful I am with my research! If you have any experience with bees, or know of a great “bee blog” or “bee book”, please let me know! I want to start this journey with as much knowledge as I can.



Plant related endeavours:

My onions have all sprouted (well all except one, which I’ve since re-seeded and is now sprouting), and my peppers were planted on the weekend, so I expect sprouts in the coming days/week. Nothing overly excited there to report. I am excited about the planting containers that I have right now, but their full effectiveness won’t be known until I transplant them into the garden.


I have been scoping out the new garden location on our property, and am mostly decided on where the garden will be. I’m just trying to peek at it at various times during the day to check on how much sun it truly gets. The weather has been absolutely stunning here lately, and I’m hoping to get the garden re-located around the middle of April, and then I can start modifying the box to suit the square-foot gardening plan.


4 thoughts on “The Plants and the Bees

  • Rosalyn

    Jackie, I am SO excited for you to get bees. I’m imagining prairie wildflower-scented honey gathered with love… and I can’t wait to hear more about it! Keep posting about it so I can follow along. Also, I am trying to remain absolutely happy for you in regard to your spring weather. We are getting our third storm of the week tomorrow. However, we’re hoping that with slightly warmer temperatures, a little bit of the snow will melt, even if we wake up to a world covered in ice!

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