About Jackie

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. ~ Albert Einstein 



I started blogging in 2005, and for the next five years spent my time chronically my migraines, marriage, job, pregnancy, and new baby son at the now deleted blog “Life in the Canadian Desert”. In 2011 I started blogging as “Educating Jackie”, a blog title garnered from my belief that “if you aren’t learning, you aren’t living”.

My family lives on an acreage in Southern Alberta. We love to be outside, on our dirt bikes (I’d say in the summer, but with the weather we’ve had lately, dirt biking can happen any time of year!), camping, or just enjoying life on the pond. We skate in the winter, fish in the summer, and enjoy watching the birds come and go as the seasons change. I have tried to garden for three years in a row out here, and this year, I have another new plan. I have a passion to grow (some of) our own food, and I really want to be successful at it. I’ve tried a traditional row garden, a greenhouse, and this year I am going to try a raised bed square foot garden. I’m hoping to get more than a handful of beans and a one salad out of the garden this year!


So grab a glass of wine, or your favourite cider, and come along for the journey.


I always welcome comments and e-mails, so please feel free to do both!

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